Monday, February 21, 2011

Re-Emerging for a Re-Awakening.....

Yes, it has been far too long since I last posted on here and I am ashamed that I haven't kept up with it in the last year.....but I must say my excuse is that I have been through a lot since then, mainly in the realm of health, work and now current living situation (looking for a bigger place to live!). These have all seemed to have occupied most of my time in both good and bad ways and continue to, but less so now. I really do hope once I move into a bigger apt and get settled that I will have more time to devote to more enjoyable, everyday things that I can express on this blog as well as on Catavino.

Until then, I would at least like to leave some of the positive things that have happened to me here since I last posted for those curious readers. And thank you to those who sent me positive feedback about my blog and story, it feels good that my experiences have both interested and inspired people, and because of this, I really want to continue posting here. Thanks again!

3 of My Favorite Things In the Past Year:
1. Finally got my Residency Card after 2.5yrs in Aug. 2010! Valid for 5yrs under my Portuguese boyfriend and I's "civil union", which I will now be eligible for citizenship this April :)

2. Visited the beautiful Serra de Estrela Mountains, the highest mountain range in continental Portugal at over 6,500ft high and the only place with enough snow for skiing. However, we decided to go in the summer for a totally different experience, though still filled with delicious Serra de Estrela cheese and presunto (cured ham)and got to see some incredibly cute Serra de Estrela puppies!

3. Had another successful Portuguese Thanksgiving dinner with friends here, the best of the three I've done so far and besides the amazing food I managed to produce in 2 days from my tiny little kitchen, a friend brought an incredible Portuguese red, a 1947 Borba from Alentejo that we decanted and still tasted really good and very smooth! And it went perfectly with the food :) The best surprise by far I've had with Portuguese wine!

Saúde!(Cheers to your health)

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  1. i have loved reading your blog. i lived in porto for 2 years. i initially found your blog because i am looking for some items to send from here (utah) to there (porta area). some things that my portuguese friends don't have access to. it's been great to see some foods and places that i've forgotten about! and now i have some additional items to send to them--marshmallows and graham crackers!!! thanks,