Monday, February 6, 2012

COMING SOON: Blog Re-Start, New Look and Feel

It's 2012, 4 years strong and I am still in Portugal!  I finally feel that this year I can finally devote the much-needed attention to have an updated blog!  But this time around I will be incorporating my food and wine writing, as my work on Catavino has now ended and I really want to continue writing for the time being while I search for future professional writing opportunities.

I have also been wanting to address the many emails and comments I have received in the last year seeking advice about wanting to move to Portugal, how to get a job, get legal etc.  This is a seriously complicated subject that I have not yet had enough time to devote to writing out everything I'd like to say about that but I promise I will finally post about it in the near future!

Right now, I am playing around with the blog format here and still haven't decided exactly how I'd like it to look and what all to include, so suggestions for the layout are welcome!

Até Já! See You Soon!


  1. I think you should write about food and wine in one blog and have another related one with issues about persons who want to move to Portugal.

    Waiting for your new posts!

  2. Hi Andrea, I am glad that to read that you have for the most part enjoyed your experiences and culture shock, from migrating from the United States all the way to Portugal. I am from the United States and have visited Portugal on vacation for two weeks in Portugal in February of 2008. I visited Madeira Island and personally felt that the people were receptive and kind to tourists. While I was in Madeira, I witnessed Carnival for the first time. Overall, I think that it was nice to visit, and I think that the country of Portugal is beautiful. The only thing is however, before I explore more areas of Portugal, I need to learn how to speak the language better to get the full experience, and respect of the people better LOL.