Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Has Been A Busy Year So Far, Whew!

I have been very fortunate to have things continue to progress here positively in 2010, and this has mainly been becoming a very busy worker! And that means finally making decent money again and we all like that!! I have wanted to post several videos that I've taken on my new camera over the last several months but it was only recently that I realized I had recorded them in a non-compliant format for use on computers and the net...ARGH. Sadly then, I will not be able to post them at all....but now every new video I record will be in the right format! (Sometimes we have to learn the hard way :p)

Come summer, things will probably be slowing down again for me and I hope by the end of this month to get up some new posts. Until then, check out my posts on Catavino and enjoy some photos of my recent adventures in food and travel here in Portugal :)



  1. This makes me really excited to be there in June. Thanks!!!

  2. I am reading your blog almost 1 year later, I wonder how things turned out for you during 2010 and begining of 2011. I was born in Portugal lived in Almada (the other side of the river) but had to move out of the country due to the financial conditions. My husband was born in Dallas. I think you were very brave to move from USA to PT and wish you the very best luck. Ana